At Provest, sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars that guide our actions. In a world of increasingly scarce resources, we believe that our choices today impact the future. Our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) approach reflects our commitment to responsible and ethical practices. Each of our initiatives aims to build a greener and more sustainable future. Discover some of them below:

Environmental Preservation

Since the inauguration of its current headquarters, PROVEST has maintained an environmental preservation area, which was completely reforested by its employees, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.

Photovoltaic Energy

With a complete system already installed with photovoltaic energy panels covering the entire factory roof, PROVEST powers all its processes with sustainably generated energy.


All recyclable plastic and cardboard materials are properly separated within the production process. Once accumulated, they are sold to local scrap dealers, and all the proceeds are donated to PROVEST’s internal volunteer group.

Circular Economy

Fabric scraps are donated to organizations that use them to make various items. Smaller scraps are sold to companies that repurpose the material. The proceeds from these sales are either given to our volunteer group or donated to social causes.

Non-recyclable Materials

All non-recyclable materials are sent to a sanitary landfill, ensuring their disposal is conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.


PROVEST has undertaken various tree planting initiatives. Fifty trees have been planted in the company parking lot, and approximately 4,200 trees are in the environmental preservation area. Additionally, in partnership with the ASAS organization, 800 tree seedlings were planted in Ipatinga/MG.


Se Toque

“Se Toque” is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting women’s health, with a focus on combating breast cancer. Every year, PROVEST raises funds by encouraging its employees to purchase Pink October and Blue November shirts. The proceeds are entirely donated to the organization, strengthening our commitment to community health and well-being.


ASBT runs a charitable project that offers courses on equipment repair. Considering the unused technology equipment, PROVEST donated these items to ASBT, enabling their use and better utilization. This action reflects our social responsibility to promote community development.


Davi is a child with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a rare, degenerative, and hereditary disease that interferes with the body’s ability to produce a protein essential for the survival of motor neurons. PROVEST makes donations to support Davi’s treatment, demonstrating our commitment to health causes in the community.


PROVEST supports the Athletes Green and Athletes of Steel Projects through the Federal Sports Incentive Law. With this support, approximately 200 athletes excel in Artistic Gymnastics, Judo, Athletics, Basketball, Handball, and Swimming. This initiative reinforces our commitment to sports development and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


ASAS (Samambaia Environmentalist Association) promotes environmental campaigns, environmental education, social interaction, and eco-tourism. Initially, PROVEST donated uniforms to the organization and currently, in collaboration with companies in the Vale do Aço region, supports the “Recovery and Protection of the Raízes Spring – Bom Jardim Neighborhood – Ipatinga” project.

Instituto Ideias

Instituto Ideias has been working on education and social transformation with children since 2009, using resources from companies in the Vale do Aço region to facilitate activities within the community. PROVEST provides the organization with financial assistance for electricity, supplies, fuel, and cleaning materials.

Internal Volunteer Group

The management aims to instill the company’s sustainability culture within the community and especially among our employees. Internally, PROVEST has a group of volunteer employees who dedicate their time to making items for sale and donation. All money raised is either given back to the volunteer group or donated to charitable organizations. Every year, PROVEST’s volunteer group participates in “V” Day, organized by FIEMG in the city. During the event, the materials made by the volunteers are sold, and the project is presented to the community. All proceeds are returned to the volunteer group and allocated to donations. This participation reinforces our commitment to social responsibility and community integration.


Quality Policy

Defines the company’s quality standards and objectives, ensuring that products and services meet customer expectations and applicable regulations.

Compliance Statement

Declaration that the company adheres to all applicable laws and regulations relevant to its industry.

Information Security Policy

Establishes guidelines and practices to protect the company’s data against unauthorized access, loss, or damage.

IT Control

Involves the management and monitoring of the company’s IT systems, ensuring their secure and efficient operation.

Information Confidentiality Agreement

A contract where employees commit to protecting the company’s confidential information, preventing unauthorized disclosures.

DPO Term

Designates the Data Protection Officer, responsible for ensuring that the company complies with data protection and privacy laws.

Anti-Corruption Relationship Policy

Establishes measures and practices to prevent, detect, and respond to acts of corruption within the company.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Defines the expected behavior standards for employees, promoting integrity, respect, and responsibility in the workplace.


As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and quality, we present this detailed report that compiles all our actions and practices focused on environmental and social responsibility. This document reflects our efforts in various areas, showing how PROVEST continuously strives to reduce its environmental impact, promote community well-being, and ensure excellence in our products and services.


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